Jacques Allemann: History

As a supplier to the Swiss clock and watchmaking industry, Jacques Allemann was already accustomed to a no-compromise approach to quality and precision. It thus comes as no surprise that, from its formation in 1974, the company soon made a name for itself in a highly competitive manufacturing market.

One of the secrets of the company’s success is its keen and knowledgeable staff as well as its willingness to invest continuously in the development of the machines it builds and perfects. Since its inception, Jacques Allemann has thus been able to maintain the exceptionally high quality of its products as well as pursue a policy of uninterrupted improvement.

Today, the company can look back on 35 years’ successful business.


The 1970s saw an increase in demand for grades of steel for turned parts as well as for fine wire drawn to stringent tolerances. Jacques Allemann knew of this situation as he was himself working at the time for a famous watchmaking manufacturer with integrated production. He finally decided to form Jacques Allemann SA in 1974 as a small but sophisticated wire drawing factory in Péry in the canton of Berne.

On 1 January 2002, Jacques Allemann became a subsidiary of the Notz Group based in Brügg. This was a stroke of luck for both parties: the NOTZgroup gained a specialist experienced in the production of precision wire, sections, shafts and flat micro wires. In return, Jacques Allemann found an ideal partner in its alliance with the NOTZgroup, a leading supplier of products for the turned parts industry. Jacques Allemann thus benefits from a production location in Brügg as well as from synergies within the group while advising and offering its clients maximum support when choosing materials thanks to its own materials laboratory.

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